Friday, 17 February 2017

House style storage caddy

Hi everyone I'm so excited to share with you this project I've just finished. I was inspired by a project in an old magazine and I've adapted it to make it my own.

Items I've used are

Thick whisper white cardstock
Pool party cardstock
A little foxy DSP
1/8" HOLE punch
Tear and tape 
Brands for drawers are from my stash but not Stampin Up

Here are instructions
Thick whisper white card measuring 11 1/2" × 8 1/4" score on all sides at 3 1/2" then cut as shown below

Then turn it over and place adhesive as next picture

I attached the flaps to the outside of the box (this is too keep the inside smooth so whatever we put in doesn't catch) place to one side until after the next step.

For the drawer sleeves you will need thick whisper white card measuring 8 1/4" × 3 1/2" score on long side at 1/2", 2", 4 3/8" & 5 7/8" place adhesive on thin strip and glue together.
You will need 3 of these.
Then I used tear and tape to adhere all 3 of the drawer sleeves on top of each other and then attach these to the previous box we made.

Drawers you will need thick whisper white card measuring 6 1/4" × 5 1/8" score all sides at 1 3/8" and assembly as we would any other box base. I used DSP panels measuring 2 1/2" × 1 1/4" to decorate the front. Again you will need to do 3.

I cut 2 pieces of whisper white card to 3 1/2" × 4 1/2" covered with DSP and attached to sides. Then I cut a piece of card to 3 3/4" × 4 1/2" covered with DSP and attached to the back.

Inner roof section you will need whisper white card measuring 7 1/2" × 3 1/2" score on long side at 2" & 5 1/2" cut both end sections into triangles and attach as shown in picture below.

For the roof tiles
Thick whisper white card measuring 3 3/4" × 3 1/4" and cover with desired DSP. 
Piece of DSP measuring 1 3/4" × 3 3/4" score on short side at 7/8"
Now we need to make 2 hinges for one side of the roof. White card measuring 3/4" × 1 1/2" score on short side at 3/8". Attach to each of the triangles on the inner roof section, the other half in one of the roof tiles. 
Then attach the DSP we cut to one side of the remaining roof tile lining it up just under the score line. Line it up and when you're happy with the placement attach the other half of the DSP to the other roof tile. 

Finally I put the project on a base 
Pool party card measuring 4 x 4" I cut 3 pieces at stuck them all on top of each other then I used tombow to fix our house caddy to the base.

I really hope you like what I have done. All products can be our purchased from my online shop just click on the link here on my blog. Please don't forget to use the hostess code featured on my blog if your order is under £150 to enter you into my rewards club.

Thanks for looking

Happy crafting

Love Steffi xxx

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